Sunday, 4 May 2008

Springfield to Rolla

This was the journey that took us through the flat farmlands of Illinois, and over the Mississippi into Missouri, when the land got a bit more interesting and the weather got a lot warmer than the 45 degrees of the morning. at about 5pm we got to the caves where Jesse James used to hide, but there was a problem with the truck so I decided to go onto the hotel on my own about 45 miles away.

with no luggage yet, i went to a nearby bar "the tater patch", which was straight out of Patrick swayzees "Roadhouse" with pool tables, TV, rednecks and a band with a cage. But fun anyway.

Dinner tonight was a disgusting buffet at some steak shack.....i had lettuce and a tomato.

the people we meet are all friendly and everytime we stop, they come and ask us where we are from and where we are going - and always seem amazed by the mix of nationalities.

Tomorrow we have a long run of 340 miles, but the weather is supposed to be sunny and around 70 degrees.

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