Friday, 26 February 2010

Ace Cafe Bike Show 2010 - Stuff I liked

Here are a selection of shots that I took at the show of the various attractions, and these include me with Russell Mitchell of Exile fame - very nice guy with plenty of time for a good chat.  Some promotional girls, nice lights in boxes, the tank of a bike dedicated to Gerry Tobin who was killed a few years ago, a cool Magna Charger, and a couple of old bikes.  Cheers to Steve Willis of Shaws for the pic of me with his girls - and Nutty for the pic of me and Russell - for all you photo buffs - its a Pentax K7 and a 40mm Pancake lens.

Ace Cafe Bike Show 2010 - Being an AMD Judge

One of the most interesting things about entering a bike show is that you get to be the judge (although you can't vote for your own bikes) so along with your competitors and a panel of experts you all get to place your top 5 bikes in the various classes - and at the end of the marking the one with the most points wins - sounds good to me.  My favourite Freestyle was Speedshop from Holland and my favourite modified Harley was Shaw's Salt Flat Tracker it was the morris minor flip out indicators and colour)

Here are some pictures of my favourites including my own:

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

HD Twin Cam Timer Cover

Just had some 7ages timer covers made up to remove the last HD badges from my bikes - a very nice job.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Caesar Racer (No.6) Update

Its nearly there now, just the exhausts and some details like foot-peg supports and a battery cover to be made. Check out the new stainless oval section swingarm.  The pipes are going to run along the right side through the gap and follow the lines of the shock down to  be ground pounders.
Et tu, Brute?

Saturday, 20 February 2010

BMW Custom Bike No. 7

One of the problems and delights about running a modest custom bike business, is that you always have to have an eye to the next project.  I have been after an old BMW for sometime now, and I was recently able to buy a 1982 R80 RT that has been completely refurbished on eBay.
It looks like this:

This is all because I bought this book called "The Art of the BMW" and I want it to have styling cues which will make it look more like this:

Or like this 1977 R100 which has been turned into a scrambler (thanks to Bike EXIF)   and of course the superb CAD bike 33 by Mark van der Kwaak. Needless to say I have my own ideas about this and  a real intention to use a whole load of bits and pieces clogging up my garage.

USA Tour (Part 2)

I have called this post USA Tour (Part 2) as  we are still trying to organise the USA Tour Part 1 which is with the guys from New England who we toured with last year  - see Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountain Tour

Anyway today I confirmed my booking for this tour which has been organised my tour guide friend Gary Fleshman and his new company California Sunriders .  Its an invite only tour, with people who have previously ridden with Gary in other parts of the US.  The theme is Cowboys and Indians and as you can see we are doing about 2600 miles across the Southern States from Las Vegas to Dallas, in early October 2010 - I will be riding my favourite Harley - the Streetglide.  I will do a more detailed blog on the tour as it progresses.

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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Clean Bike Clinic

It's still freezing cold and raining here in the Garden of England and despite this Nigel from Clean Bike Clinic came over to spend the day working on the Air Bike.  Its always a difficult one for me as I know that I should do this, but every time I try, I just cannot sit there and spend 8 hours detailing every part of the bike.  He does an amazing job using top quality products (Zeppelin), and the bike which is 3 years old (and believe me has been used on the roads) now looks as good as new.
Nigel is the guy on the left who looks like Rick Parfitt.
Quick credit for the Air Bike  - 360 section rear tyre, 23" front wheel, 88" HD twin cam engine, Baker 6 speed RHD, V-Rod Front End, and hand made air suspension - rises and falls at the touch of a button.  Oh and its very fast (until the sharp corner then you lean like hell and pray).
Cheers Nigel.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Road Trip - Harley Euro Rally, St Tropez, 2010

Having just been out for my first ride of the year (apart from New Years day), it has made me realise how much I am looking forwards to the trip to St Tropez in May 2010.  I also checked out the HD video of last years event, which although very "European"still gives the idea of what a great event it is.

I am riding down on the Streetglide in a group of nine who I know from Chelsea and Fulham HOG, taking it easy over three days and staying at very nice hotels.  When I get there I leave them to stay in the main camp site in a chalet by the beach - so I can listen to all the Euro Bands playing Foreigner covers until 3am - nice.  at the site I pick up the Othello Tracker which has been shipped down to pose around St Tropez on and enter the bike show, and hopefully a mate will fly in to join me and use the Streetglide.
 I will also be meeting up with friends from 1066 HOG and then riding back with them on a two day return.

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The weather will be hot and it will be great.

2009 Harley Davidson Streetglide and 2009 Buell Ulysses

I thought I should have a quick update about my daily rides, which I have just taken out on this cold morning for a ride and to fill up with petrol for what I hope is more use now the snow is behind us.
Firstly my Streetglide - I bought this as a bike to use and enjoy everyday and I have to say its really lived up to my expectations, a smooth and comfy ride with good looks and style.  I have made a few mods to this bike - Stage 1, Billet wheels with a 21" on the front, lower front springs, and the docking kit.  Not a lot as I vowed not to spend too much on this workhorse.

The latest bike is the Buell Ulysses which I bought the day after HD announced it was shutting Buell down - a real shame as i have always had a soft spot for their sporty and different styling. I bought the Ulysses as it was a great financial deal and after sitting on all the models it was the one that felt right even though its a high ride I am 6' and can only reach the ground with my toes.  But on the road its superb, fast and surefooted and I am planing on doing a bit of off road on it later in the year cant wait.  Its totally stock and I plan to keep it that way.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Othello Tracker - Ready to Ride

Its a shame is just above freezing, wet and the roads are still covered in salt - otherwise I would be out tearing about on this one to see how it goes.  Its essentially the same as the Hamlet Tracker, but as they are hand built there are a few subtle differences - paint (Obviously), pipes, slightly longer frame, bars, mounting positions of rear light and plate, lower gearing, air filter......etc...etc....
Look and enjoy.