Saturday, 26 June 2010

Shinya Kimura

This guy is unquestionably my favourite bike builder.

Gary's USA Tour

I mentioned my friend Gary France a few times here, but he has now started his epic ride over 14,000 miles and 4 months across the USA on his own - riding his Road King newly painted with Hollywood Film Stars.

If you have any interest in Motorbikes, photography / Video, Travel or the USA then please check it out and follow his blog to keep him company.


Chop N Rod Show - Surrey

Went along to the Chop N Rod show today which is organised by the Hells Angels London, they hold it over the weekend at the Fairmile Pub just off the A3; and I am sure its gets very lively at night, but I could only stay for a couple of hours.  Still the guys there were happy for me to line my bike up in the show and were all in all very hospitable and I met some nice and interesting folks there.
Here are few snaps of details which caught my eye.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Torquay Road Trip

Last September I went to Helsinki to visit some friends I met on Route 66  - Helena and Kristian.  This year they were over here, so I suggested an overnight road trip to Torquay which is a 500 mile round trip.  So with me on Macbeth, Kristian riding my Streetglide and Helena on an 883 Sportster rented from Warrs in Mottingham we set off, for a nice ride down to Torquay - M25, A3, then through Alton, to the New Forest, along the coast at Bournemouth and then following it along to Torquay.  Good night out in town and a great hotel made it all very worthwhile.

Today on the way back the plan was a more direct route on the A303 in the glorious sunshine all the way to London - until I was stupid enough to lose the back end on some gravel just north of Yeovil - luckily I didn't even get a bruise and the bike is not too bad either  - broken gear shift peg and chewed up belt and outer primary cover.

Got to say thanks to all the bikers who checked on me and in particular to the two lady bikers (one with dreads) and the one that runs the Esso at Podimore for helping make sure that me and the bike were safe.  Then extra thanks to my wife Lisa for sorting out all my arrangements to get me back. Tomorrow I rent a van and go and collect the bike.