Tuesday, 6 May 2008

The English

There are six other english people on this trip.

  • Steve and Ian - are local to me in east sussex and have been my drinking and road companions. They are early 40's - Steve has a few Healtchclubs and Ian is a builder developer. they are a comedy double act.

  • Chris and Eileen - are from Plymouth where they used to have a sea front restaurant which they have now sold. Chris is building a chopper and restoring a house in Northern Spain - Eileen is Irish and rides on the back of Chris's bike, but she probably does the driving! Chris and Eileen are on the right chatting to Gary our guide
  • David and Trudi - are a couple from Northants - dave works for Corus and Trudi does something with chilled foods - dont know much else other than Trudi is tiny and so has a Honda which she can barely touch the ground on.I dont have a picture of them yet, but i am working on it.

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