Saturday, 25 September 2010

Choppertown Nation

I follow a whole range of custom motorcycle sites, and one of my favourites is Choppertown Nation - as it is a real grass routes site for people that are really interested in the custom bike scene at all levels.  So I was delighted to come third in their online bike competition recently as it was judged by guys who really build bikes and don't just ride Harleys with extra bits on.  I think i ended up with a composite prize as I entered three bikes in the bobber and chopper categories but I came third  for Hamlet and Othello, and I am well pleased.

Friday, 17 September 2010

BMW Custom Bike No. 7 - the rear wheel

I know its not that exciting, but my rear wheel is nearly ready from Steve Taylor - and then I can really start to get the bike planned.

23"front wheel - front fender with number plate - HD FXD forks raked out to 35 degrees - hardtail frame - stretched R80 tank - drag bars - R80 Boxer twin engine with colour coded parts - sprung seat - 23" rear wheel - rear fender with leather tool box.

It will be cool.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Ace Cafe - Brighton Burn Up 2010

Well after a miserable few days weather it was great for the sun to shine for the Brighton Burn Up - I went down with my mates Paul and Andy - and despite losing Andy for a bit and my exhaust coming loose, no major mishaps.  I have no idea the size of the crowd but the whole of Marine Drive from the pier down to the marina was full up with bikes and most of the top of the cliff too  - it was heaving, and I guess thats why it is one of the premier bike events of the year.  I went down on my Othello bike and was delighted with the responses - the bike is a real crowd puller.  Other highlights would be a nice free beer in the Shaw's VIP Airstream and I also found a leather strap to tie up my exhaust for a great ride home!
For some more great shots please check out my friend David Bartholomews Blog

Friday, 10 September 2010

Et Tu Brute?

Well we are getting close to finishing the bike now - and I am pretty pleased with the way its turning out.  I would stress that I have built this not as a show bike but as a day to day bike for running around on - its still in essence my 11 year old FXD, but with a massive makeover.  I am planning on taking this out for its maiden ride on Sat 25th September - can't wait!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Harrison Billet

Bike No. 6 is really coming together well now and I am re0using my old Harrison Billet Brakes  - however its never that simple and I didn't want the black centres form the old rotors and they didn't match - also the front brake did not fit on my new 2009 forks.

So to solve these problems I went over to see the Harrison Billet factory in Sittingbourne Kent, and Derek the engineer there was a great help and I now have 2 really nice brake rotors which will suit my spoked wheels better, a new 6 pot polished front caliper and they have totally refurbished my rear caliper.  New post update on Friday when they will be installed.

Friday, 3 September 2010

BMW Custom Bike No. 7 - update

The BMW R80 is the big project for 2011 - not sure whether its going to be bike No.7 - or I might move it back to Bike No. 8 as my other project is a lot simpler!
Anyway the reason for the delay on this is that I have commissioned some new BMW spoke pattern 23" wheels from Taylormade Wheels, which have proved to be not so easy - particularly the rear which will have the original hub and brake mechanism.  Anyway the front is now done and here is a picture: