Tuesday, 6 May 2008


...yesterday was the longest day so far, but it was a superb ride, alternating between old route 66 and high speed riding on the interstate which has replaced it, We started off in Missouri, took in the only 18 miles of Route 66 in kansas, where we met this weird guy who can turn his legs backwards and was the inspiration for some car in that Pixar film cars - check him out http://www.thelope.com/2006/06/meeting-mater.html

after that we were in Oklahoma for a final 100 miles into Tulsa, which seems a nice enough place, but when you stay in a best western outside hard to tell!

after my steak supper, with the delightful Chris and Eileen and the French (David and Cristelle - he is a farmer she does supermarket price comparison and they are on their honeymoon) i met up with Mick and Martin (the Irish) and Ian and Steve (the english), and went to this delightful biker bar on "turty turd street" as Mick says.....it was a Jerry Springer showcase, where we met rick who was 21 that day and had never left tulsa - he was very drunk so we bought him a drink and he taught us a multiple handshake, There was a 60 year old heroin addict who kept flashing her tits - she ran away at 14 to utah to gte married and have a baby. and some guy in a wheelchair who played pool with ian.

wherever we go people always want to talk to us - its like we are from outer space.

oh yes they had jagermeister shots on draft (chilled of course) so we got a bit drunk - - which made the ride this morning a bit shaky.

today we rode through oklahoma, and spent 20 miles killing our backs on the only bit of original road thats left, and about 180 miles on better roads, which lead us to weatherford where i am now.

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