Wednesday, 26 January 2011

London International Custom Show 2011

Next month is the London International Custom Show which is held at Alexandra Palace in North London on the 26th and 27th of February 2011.  I don't like entering Bike shows  - mainly as I never win and its a bit of a pain getting them all clean and up there - but its February and I have some time to kill until the riding season.

I am going to enter two bikes, the first is the Macbeth Bobber, which is going in the BSH Signature series where the editors of Back Street Heroes pick their favourite cover bike - here is the bike when it was on the cover:

The second bike I am going to enter is my Caesar Racer No VI in the modified Harley Class, for bikes which are essentially original Harleys but modified - often pretty radically.  This is a tough class as the main Harley Dealers enter a bike and they have some serious resources - but its good fun anyway.

Anyone who wants to come along drop me a line

Bike No. 7 Update - Richard II Bike

Bike No. 7 is the current build, and followers will know that its a simple re-build of a famous custom built in 1995 called the Blower Bike due to its 2 Superchargers!

Anyway progress is going well and I am hoping this is going to be on the road for sometime in March, subject to getting its MOT and Insurance but no Tax as its a 1971 Classic.   The bike is pretty much as it was originally built, but for a new 96" S&S Shovelhead engine, a  2-1 wrapped exhaust, drag bars and a new paint job!

My collaborator is Richard Taylor the original Blower Bike builder and in his honour and following my Shakespeare theme - it is now the Richard II Bike - with a quote of "Swift Like Lightning" to go on the fenders.

This is the bike I plan to use on the Croatia and Spain trips (not US as I will hire a Streetglide).

Here is the work in progress:

US Road Trip

I had no plans on doing a US Road trip this year, and then I had a call from a friend (Oren) about a trip to the US to celebrate a friends 50th (Nick) - we had all ridden down to St Tropez together in 2010 and hope to get at least six of us for this trip.  The aim will be to start and finish in Las Vegas and in between take in the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Yellowstone Park - so about 2000 miles in 10 days.
So Road Trip wise - its Croatia in May, which is 1800 miles (and shipping bike back), June  - The USA another 2000 miles and then July its Spain which must be around 2500 miles - I am so looking forwards to all this.

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