Saturday, 25 June 2011

Day Trip to France and Belgium

Went on a great day trip to France and Belgium yesterday organised by Meridian HOG - in the end we had around 50 bikes and although not a long trip about 140 miles (overseas) was nicely done.  I went with three friends Paul, Simon and Gary (who I rode to Croatia with) and the trip involved a stop at Beruges for coffee and for me to by loads of cheese, salami and cake.  Followed by lunch in the very nice town of Veurne in Belgium, before we arrived at our final destination Bikersloft a combined bar/restaurant/hotel for bikers.  Its converted from an old industrial unit and they have created a cool basic environment with cell like bedrooms, communal washing and indoor bike parking  - its better than that sounds and I am sure with 10 litres of Leffe it will be like the Ritz.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Harley Davidson Streetglide

Following on from earlier posts I now have my 2009 Streetglide back in its new 1980's style AMF livery courtesy of Keith Baker at  Classic Cycle Works , a new 110" Screaming Eagle engine, bag extensions, nice wheels and new speakers - all in all I am very pleased.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Road Trips

One of the big parts of 7Ages for me was the opportunity to not only build a few unique bikes but to also get plenty of riding time in.  In the last 3 weeks I have ridden 4300 miles - firstly 1700 miles from the UK to Croatia and then 2600 miles in the USA.

Its been very interesting comparing the two trips  - the first on my custom Shovelhead No.7, and the second on  a rented Streetglide.  Dealing with the Streetglide first I have said it before and I will say it again, I really think this is the best Harley ever, it does it all with style and comfort, and eating up the miles is a pleasure.  The next post on this blog will show how I have customised mine very simply to make it a really nice bagger, and one that I will be proud to ride anywhere.

In respect of No.7, what can I say this is a hand built bike with a brand new engine and for it to do 1700 trouble free miles is a testament to its quality.  Being honest its a tough ride and you feel the miles compared to riding the Streetglide, but when you get to the rally - nothing beats posing around on a custom ride.

Anyway here is a video of us all riding through Zion National Park

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Las Vegas to Yellowstone Park and back

On Sunday I flew back from Croatia, and had my bike shipped back home by We Move Bikes. Because on Monday I flew out to Las Vegas with these three mates to go on a bike tour taking in the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Yellowstone Park before coming back via west Utah. We have three more friends joining us in Monument Valley to make 7. We are on all rented baggers and so far it's been a blast.
I am last on the right.