Friday, 2 May 2008

May 1st - shopping and sightseeing and meet the group....

well mayday was a great day, must have been 75 degrees F and a lovely day - did some sightseeing - Sears Tower ( see the view from the 103rd floor) and Museum of Modern Art. Shopping for daughters at A&F, and some new tour shades for me from the oakley store - they customise and build them for you - which is nice.

I moved hotels to the tour hotel - which is a Holiday Inn and met the rest of the group over a steak dinner....not sure i needed an 18 oz steak, but it was one of the smaller ones,

There are 19 in the group (inc me) 7 Brits, 2 Irish, 2 Aussies, 2 French, 2 Finns and 2 Brazilians - plus the 2 US tour guides.

i am writing this at 4am so still jet lagged - watching the weather channel, which is saying severe storm warnings with baseball sized hail stones and possible tornados, in Missouri and Oaklahoma - which is where we will be in a few days - excellent.

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PaulM said...

Love that French:Rest ratio.

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