Monday, 22 August 2011

Tighten Your Nuts

One of my worst failings is to just get on my bike and ride - if I am feeling really careful I will see if there is enough petrol.  Last Sunday I went on a ride with a friend down to the Seaford Bike Festival in East Sussex - about 35 miles, and decided to take my Hamlet Bobber which I have not had out all year.  About halfway there I felt something hit my foot , but all seemed OK so I carried on to the festival meet up in Newhaven, riding at speeds of up to 70mph.  When I arrived I was moving slowly through the car park and then my front wheel fell off, and clearly it must have been an axle nut that hit me some 20 miles earlier. I am not sure how this happened as the nuts are designed to tighten up - but it did.  Anyway a big thanks to Paul Leeson who rode back to my place to get a replacement, so I could get home - and I tell you I watched that nut the whole way, and from now on I am checking my nuts before every trip!