Friday, 9 May 2008


well this afternoon we went to Tina's Gun Rack, which is a gun shop and range owned by Tina - a nice woman, but not one i would want to spend a lot of time with!
Ga took us there (me, other ian, steve, mick, martyn, christian, french david, and brazilian Julie (who it appears is half german and half Japanese and lives in i didn't ask about her grandparents..

there we shot guns and ammo like no tomorrow - first 50 rounds of a .357magnum, then 50 rounds with a Smith and wesson .45 semi automatic....this was Ok,,after the shock doubling of heart rate and the shakes i quite enjoyed it.

Then i shot the .44 magnum ...go ahead punk make my day....its frightening the noise the kick back the smell the thud as you fire it in your chest.

I have always had a mild interest in guns - this totally cured it.

but all credit to Ga, he is a qualified instructor, he knew what he was doing and it was a great experience.

Tomorrow we are off to Gallup where we can buy cheap cowboy hats.......

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