Thursday, 29 April 2010

HOG Gallery - Ride of the week (2)

Looks like I made it again - those guys at HOG are very kind!

Surveillance Society

Following the great run I had in London this week with Gary, I was amazed to receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) as I am pretty good at spotting the Speed Cameras  - but clearly not this one, which from the picture taken of me must have been in a flying drone!
Obviously I should have checked online as to which bus lanes you can ride on in London, or downloaded the handy map from the TFL website .  The fine is a ridiculous £120 or reduced to £60 if you pay in 14 days.  Still its a nice shot of the bike and I will ask them for a nice 6 by 8 print.

Thursday, 22 April 2010

London in the Sunshine

Had a great ride through London, with my friend Gary France today.  I met Gary last year  - I think through blogging - but found out we have quite a bit in common - we both worked in property - we both gave up work early and we both love custom bikes.  So with Spring well and truly here we decided on a ride through London.  Two loud customs certainly got plenty of attention as we started at The Royal Observatory and followed the River Thames to Chelsea and Warrs Harley Davidson for some lunch.  Please check out and follow his excellent blog about his awesome 15,000 mile solo trip to the USA this summer.
We attached videos to our bikes - but Gary had the excellent Go-Pro on a super mount and I had a cheap Samsung mounted with Gaffer tape, and so despite Gary's best attempts at editing, he only used his footage - but if you love London and bikes enjoy this ride with us.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

St Tropez Euro Harley Festival 2010 - Update

Just got Bike No.4 Hamlet ready to be shipped down to St Tropez by We Move Bikes - its a bit of an extravagance but with all that impressive yachting hardware on the quayside at St Tropez you need something to get some attention.  I collect it Thursday 6th of May, and will run around on it over the weekend - maybe enter it in the best Dynaglide competition -if they will let me!
Daily updates on St Tropez on this blog and Facebook.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Springtime for Macbeth

At last spring is really here in the UK - warm sunshine, and 19 degrees C.  I decided to get Macbeth out for the first time this year and go for a blast - a nice 100 mile run down through Sussex to Shaw Harley Davidson, then back through the Garden of England home.  Bike has now done 5000 miles and is really running sweetly.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

FXD Caesar Racer (Bike No. 6) - Fabrication Finished

Just brought the Caesar Racer back to base ready for break down and send off to paint - then away for final assembly and hopefully on the road in June.  Colours will be Orange (frame and details), Black & White & Orange - Tank fenders and fairings - plus lots of mirror bright stainless and chrome.  It will have "Et tu, Brute?" on the tank and "6" on the rear cowl. Super Cool.  What really pleases me with this bike is that I have had it since new in August 1999 - and this is its third reincarnation!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Harley Euro Festival - St Tropez 2010

Just got the ticket in the post today, which reminds me that its just 31 days until we set off to St Tropez.  The route is sort of planned and 9 of us are riding down - I only have to be ride captain for a small part from Rheims to Beaune on day 1 - I have done this a few times before so no problem.  This time though I will be on my 2009 Streetglide for proper comfort touring rather than the Macbeth Bobber which had to stop for petrol every 60 miles - having said that it was comfortable and went fantastically!

Just been scanning through my pictures of last year and thought I would post a small gallery.