Saturday, 3 May 2008

Chicago to Springfield

the start of the trip coincided with what the weather channel call severe was pissing down and there was sheet lightning.

we picked up the bikes about 10 - mine is a 2007 Fatboy in needs new bars, exhausts, and saddle to make it look cool, but otherwise its Ok. After waiting an hour for the rain to subside which it didnt we eventually set off, and fortunately the weather cleared after a few hours, to be replaced by a nice but very windy day. Its about 190 miles from Chicago to Springfield, which apparently came second in a nationwide competition to be the birthplace of the Simpsons. The mid-west is flat farming country and you can see for miles.
i have been here three days now and american food is starting to annoy me - i have had 6 meals - all with fries.

Today will be a salad day....."ranch, honey mustard, french, 1000 island, or blue cheese dressing" - will be the big issue.

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