Friday, 28 August 2009

Scandinavia on my Harley Davidson 09 Streetglide

Here is a picture of the Hamlet Tracker (Bike No.4) Derby cover - just back in Silver Leaf - bizarrely its the colours of Finland's National Flag (even though Hamlet was of course a Prince of Denmark) where I am off on a road trip next week (and also to Denmark) - confusing.

Looking forwards to the Trip:
3/9/09 - Fly to Helsinki and pick up my 2009 Streetglide which has been shipped out - its the way to travel.
4/9/09 - Up to the lakes in the North of Finland.
5/9/09 - Back down to the coast.
6/9/09 - Off to Turku for overnight ferry to Sweden.
7/9/09 - Arrive in Stockholm and ride down the Baltic coast to Karlskrona (UNESCO World Heritage Town)
8/9/09 - Through Malmo over one of the longest bridges in the world to Copenhagen.
9/9/09 - Through Jutland to Esbjerg for overnight ferry to England
10/9/09 - Home to Kent.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Bike No.5 is coming alive

This is always a great time when fabrication is nearly done and you can sit on the bike and get a real feel for how its going to end up - although essentially the same as Bike No.4 - this one has pull back mini ape bars and either side shark fin exhausts which give the bike a real Chopper look, rather than the racier tracker feel of Bike No.4

Monday, 24 August 2009

Seaford Bike Festival

On Sunday 23rd August I headed down to the Seaford Bike Festival - Seaford is a small town between Eastbourne and Newhaven - and the Mayor is a member of our local HOG chapter 1066.
We all met at Madonalds and had a police escorted ride through the town to the seafront where there was a small event for custom cars, bikes and Harleys - with bands and a fairground - and the sun was shining! A top ride out and England won the Ashes.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Bars and Pipes

Bike No.5 is nearly ready to come back for paint - just got to sort the bars and pipes out. Its not clear in the pictures but this is a LONG bike - I am nearly 6' and its a stretch to the pegs and so we are going for quite high pull back bars. The exhausts are going to be 1 & 3/4" in mild steel with one on each side going into a sharks fin to match the radius of the wheel.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Kimono Paint Scheme

I saw a really nice paint scheme at the SOFER Rally in Bisley this weekend - it was on a Zero Engineering Samurai Chop - apparently the paint was achieved by stretching a Silk Kimono fabric over the tank and then adding lacquer over - amazing.