Saturday, 9 October 2010

Tombstone & Bisbee AZ

Well the weather has finally turned in our favour and we have left the hail, lightning, thunder, rain and tornadoes well behind.  Today we went to Tombstone and spent a few hours in this historic Wild West town near the border with Mexico.  After we went on a short ride to Bisbee, and stayed in the Copper Queen Hotel which is reputedly haunted  - or at least some Discovery Channel program has been made about it - a nice nihgt and good to stay in a proper town centre and not out on the far reaches of town!

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Gary France said...

Staying in the centre of a US town is so much more fun than staying on the edge in one of the big chain hotels. They are aften miles away from the bars and resturants, so are best avoided. I like your choice of old fashioned hotel, haunted or not!

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