Thursday, 14 October 2010

Break for the Border

Today was a day just for riding -the plan to ride 140 miles south to Big Bend National Park and then ride out and do what you want before going to Marathon for our evening stop in the Old gage Hotel.  Now WEst Texas is miles from anywhere and this park is a stunner of mountains desert and the Rio Grande which forms the border with Mexico.  I decided to head out for that as I wanted to go as far as I could get and it was well worth it the scenery is amazing.  On the way back to find the group I was stopped by a Border Patrol and not having my passport held for checks - fortunately Gary came along 20 mins later and saved the day again (top man).


motoroz said...

Be careful around the border. Haven't been to the Big Bend, but I hope to. Good photos.

Gary France said...

As Oz says, you need to be vary careful there, with lots of "illegals" and drug runners making their way into the US. Fancy getting stopped by the Border Patrol. I do wonder what they suspected you of!

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