Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Historic Prude Ranch - Fort Davis

We arrived at Prude Ranch 2 days ago, and its on the edge of West Texas near Mexico - it was not as special as I was hoping, but sitting here now its been a good place to stop.  Basic Ranch accommodation  - but the pluses are amazing skies at night, and some great events.  The main one for me was the chance to use some of Gary's huge arsenal of weapons he carries in the back of the truck - so yesterday the farm manager lent a bus and I dove the group about 3 miles up a rough dirt track to this range in the hills and we spent 2 hours shooting everything from .22 pistols, .45 automatics, .303 winchesters and an amazing sniper rifle that shot these huge supersonic rounds - superb.  Other highlights have been a campfire cook out and some of the others went horse riding - give me a Harley any day.
At our house at home we have a huge iron chicken in the front garden, which we bought on holiday in France, and when I saw this modern sculpture of a chicken I thought it would be a great addition............until after going on about it - I was told it was a stirrup!


LisaSo said...

Please ask Gary if he'll teach me how to shoot. The ability is missing from my skill-set and come the End Of The World I'm going to need to know how to kill people.

iansolley said...

well you can hang out with Gary - come the end of the world he will be in Vegas and I will be in Boulder - with all my friennnnds

Gary France said...

Funny. After those shooting pictures there is the picture of the cows, making it look like you were shooting at them! He carries all those guns in his van??? Is he expecting a war to break out?

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