Thursday, 7 October 2010

Night out in Thatcher AZ

when we were in Sedona a very nice Hip resort town- everyone asked where we were going - and when we said Thatcher they all said "where?" - Exactly!
Its a one street town in the middle of huge cotton fields, with our large Marriott we stayed in, a Denny's, a Burger King and a couple of local places.  We went to a mexican cafe, which was actually great - good food and very hospitable, but leaving there at 9:00, the town had shut down.  So Gary pulled up his bike got some drink from the back of the van and we sat out side the reception in the warm night having a chat drinking a few beers and listening to Gary's eclectic ipod!

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Gary France said...

In the last photo - those luggage trolleys make great seats!

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