Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Harley Owners Group HOG

As I have said before I ride with a number of HOG Chapters depending on the rides available.  Today I went out with my local Chapter 1066 HOG, for a very short ride of 20 miles from our start point to Hever Castle - ancestral home of Henry VIII - which is conveniently about 6 miles from home - so a round trip of about 40 miles in all.
I have been a HOG member now since 1996 and whilst I have a large collection of badges and pins I can never quite bring myself to attach them all to a vest and throw myself in with the whole thing - not sure why maybe I had a bad experience in the cubs!  Having said that it is great to go on a big rideout with 45 bikes like today - the ride was so short I didn't even have to be a drop off.  Here are some pictures:

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Gary France said...

Great day for it. The bike looks good in your pictures.

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