Friday, 5 June 2009


It may have looked like yesterday was a total washout, but I thought I
would do a blog on some of the good moments.

1 We met a real park ranger with a wide brimmed hat.

2 Iain and I also saw a medium sized rodent which some people at the
bar said could be a woodchuck or a groundhog - I think it was a raccoon.

3 We saw loads of deer by the road too.

4 The ride down the mountains was fun and dry and we ended up in
Vesuvius a backwoods Virginia town.

5 We ate at Gerties which is a country store and an American
institution it will provide all the needs for the local community - I
stopped in a few of these on route 66. The thickest hillbilly accents
ever, but nice people.

6 After the rain on the motorway we had a great 50mile dry ride
through the North Carolina countryside where they seem to grow
mostly perfect sized and shaped Christmas trees.

7 Going over to Ruby Tuesday a lively bar restaurant where all seven
of us sat at the long bar having a drink and some very good food. But
most importantly having a great chat about the ride that day. This is Kelly who was our waitress.

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themymblesdaughter said...

2. Why isn't there a picture of it? What did it look like?

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