Wednesday, 3 June 2009

"...there are many things that I would like to say to you, but I don't know how..."

I chose to watch Living With Lions on the plane. It's the story of the 1997 British Lions tour of South Africa (that's rugby, for those who don't know). There is a great scene where after their first tour victory the team is in a bar in Cape Town having a few beers and singing Wonderwall by Oasis. Gets the hairs up on the back of your neck (even Tim's number 2 I would imagine).

So we rock up to Eagle Rider near the airport and are on the road within 20 minutes. Ian and I are on Glides and Tim is on a Road King. It is very hot (in fact 91 degrees when we reached Front Royal at around 4.30 local time). We decided to take the scenic route avoiding the Interstate and wind our way through some fabulous scenery towards the Shenandoah river valley. After about 20 miles the heavens opened and we got caught in a short but refreshing downpour. Having taken shelter in a petrol station we set out again. Ian and I have radios on our bikes and we are tuned to the same station. As we crest a hill, a rainbow appears to our left, the mountains ahead and rolling green pastures to our right. And onto the radio comes Wonderwall. So we spent 4 minutes cruising through the Viriginia countryside singing Oasis at the top of our voices. Surreal!

Al and his homies have just arrived. Roger, from last year is with him. The two others are Paul and Brian. Paul is from where Al used to live in New Jersey and Brian is from where he now lives in Vermont (I think, or it could be the other way round - we will know by the end of this evening I am sure). Bear hugs and handshakes all round. I have sent Tim back to his room to change as he is dressed in exactly the same clothes as me.

We're off to find steak and beer. I have a feeling that we will be successful.

G'night Jim Bob....

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