Sunday, 7 June 2009

The shark

Introducing Brian. Brian is 51 tomorrow. He has a tyre (or in American "tire') business in Ridgewood New Jersey. He is a great guy. When the fire trucks turned up to the Country Inn in Asheville the immediate suspect was Brian. He was seen the previous afternoon checking out the fire escapes "just in case". When we got soaked in the rain on the first day, Brian shared a handy hint with the rest of us which was how to make your hotel room closet into a drying room using the hotel's hair drier and the standard issue bible. He also shared with us his secret of how to change the temperature of a hotel swimming pool using a wire coat hanger.
Brian has a kind of adult ADD. He cannot sit still. When we stopped for a breather after completing the Tail of the Dragon, Brian disappeared. And then reappeared on a rock face opposite where we had stopped. He was "looking for critters".
When challenged on his inability to remain seated for more than a few seconds, Brian responded that he is like a shark. If he stops, he dies.
Brian is mad, but he is a great guy and this trip would be much the worse without him.

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