Friday, 5 June 2009

A bad day on a motorbike is better than a great day at the office

This is an old biking saying and it was tested to the limits today.
We started off on the 105 mile skyline drive which averages over 3000
ft above sea level and is supposed to be amazing. Well it was a low
cloud day and it was all we could to to see the tail light in front
let alone a view. And riding a twisty road all that way with misted
glasses is not a joke.
Still we made it and had some lunch in a redneck country store some
BBQ pork and chips.
Roger then said it was about 40 miles to our hotel in Boone NC but it
turned out to be about 200 and this leg of the journey was in
torrential rain - but these things happen and it was a great experience. We have just arrived at the hotel and it's
8.30 pm - I really need a drink.

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