Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Clean Bike Clinic

It's still freezing cold and raining here in the Garden of England and despite this Nigel from Clean Bike Clinic came over to spend the day working on the Air Bike.  Its always a difficult one for me as I know that I should do this, but every time I try, I just cannot sit there and spend 8 hours detailing every part of the bike.  He does an amazing job using top quality products (Zeppelin), and the bike which is 3 years old (and believe me has been used on the roads) now looks as good as new.
Nigel is the guy on the left who looks like Rick Parfitt.
Quick credit for the Air Bike  - 360 section rear tyre, 23" front wheel, 88" HD twin cam engine, Baker 6 speed RHD, V-Rod Front End, and hand made air suspension - rises and falls at the touch of a button.  Oh and its very fast (until the sharp corner then you lean like hell and pray).
Cheers Nigel.

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