Sunday, 7 February 2010

2009 Harley Davidson Streetglide and 2009 Buell Ulysses

I thought I should have a quick update about my daily rides, which I have just taken out on this cold morning for a ride and to fill up with petrol for what I hope is more use now the snow is behind us.
Firstly my Streetglide - I bought this as a bike to use and enjoy everyday and I have to say its really lived up to my expectations, a smooth and comfy ride with good looks and style.  I have made a few mods to this bike - Stage 1, Billet wheels with a 21" on the front, lower front springs, and the docking kit.  Not a lot as I vowed not to spend too much on this workhorse.

The latest bike is the Buell Ulysses which I bought the day after HD announced it was shutting Buell down - a real shame as i have always had a soft spot for their sporty and different styling. I bought the Ulysses as it was a great financial deal and after sitting on all the models it was the one that felt right even though its a high ride I am 6' and can only reach the ground with my toes.  But on the road its superb, fast and surefooted and I am planing on doing a bit of off road on it later in the year cant wait.  Its totally stock and I plan to keep it that way.

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