Saturday, 20 February 2010

BMW Custom Bike No. 7

One of the problems and delights about running a modest custom bike business, is that you always have to have an eye to the next project.  I have been after an old BMW for sometime now, and I was recently able to buy a 1982 R80 RT that has been completely refurbished on eBay.
It looks like this:

This is all because I bought this book called "The Art of the BMW" and I want it to have styling cues which will make it look more like this:

Or like this 1977 R100 which has been turned into a scrambler (thanks to Bike EXIF)   and of course the superb CAD bike 33 by Mark van der Kwaak. Needless to say I have my own ideas about this and  a real intention to use a whole load of bits and pieces clogging up my garage.


Classic Motorcycles said...

i like thos posting...

Gary France said...

Ian, there are some cafe racer Beemers on a blog I recently found. This includes some older-style bikes as well. Check them out HERE

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