Tuesday, 9 October 2012

a little bit more ROMEO80

.....getting there, just needs wiring - "just" is a complete understatement, dragging loads of wires through the frame to the brainbox and battery and back again.  We are keeping all the original BMW switchgear, but new Oberon indicators and a sweet little German speedo which is marked out to 220  - I will only be using the first 30% of that dial - I might even calibrate it for kph so I can watch it move more.  After its wired, rear tailpiece goes on and the seat - get an MOT and hit that road.  Here are some pics.


prosper said...

The new standard! I know of only 1 beemer that comes close to the quality of this build (Cadbike 33 by Duckman), but this one looks even better!

iansolley said...

thanks Prosper - Cadbike33 was my inspiration to do a Beemer!

James said...

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