Monday, 19 March 2012

Digger Bikes

I was reading Cyril Huze Blog the other day, and was really interested to read a post about Arlen Ness re-inventing the Digger Bike, which is basically a low slung drag style bike running matching 23" wheels, which is very much what I have been doing with the last 4 of my bikes (4,5,6 and now Romeo80) - although all with a different style.  Here is the Ness bike and its very cool.
Looking at this has got me thinking as the one bike I have built over the last few years that I have not been totally happy with is the Othello Bike 5, for 2 reasons, the first its anti-socially noisy and the second is that it has mini-apes which are very comfortable but dont reflect me or my riding style.  So I have been thinking:
  • Mount the headlamp lower
  • Put on some drag bars
  • Add a new 2-1 exhaust with muffler
Have a look at the pictures and let me know what you think?

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Motorcycle Chain said...

Digger Bikes is a nice bike for the riders. The wheel of this bike are much larger. In like the color combination of this bike, it is very nice.

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