Sunday, 10 April 2011

Meridian HOG

Today was the season kick off ride for Meridian HOG which is the South London Chapter I ride with - they are affiliated to Warrs of London who also sponsor Chelsea and Fulham HOG - who I also ride with! (and 1066 HOG too in Sussex).

The ride commenced at General Wolfe's statue in Greenwich park, and the plan was to follow the Meridian line south all the way to Peacehaven in Sussex by the coast.  There must have been 120 + bikes and I rode my Richard II (No.7) Bike which has now completed 500 miles and is due an oil change!

I took this brief video of us all rocking and rolling out of a car park at the half way point in East Grinstead - which is conveniently 10 miles from where I live and so a great point to bail out and leave them to it!

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