Tuesday, 12 April 2011

2009 Harley-Davidson Streetglide with a touch of AMF Heritage

The blinging up process is now well underway  - all the bits are off and at the paint shop for an AMF Harley Davidson makeover from the 1970's with a nice lurid shade of metallic blue and some fancy stripes.   The reason for this is that my first Harley ever in 1977 was an AMF single cylinder and I suspect this Streetglide may well be my last proper out of the box Harley - so its a sort of tribute.

Picked up some original Decals and Saddlebag emblems on Ebay from the USA, which should hopefully arrive soon.  I also had a satisfying browse through the 2011 Harley Davidson parts catalogue -its been ages since I bought OEM parts from the Motor Co, and its amazing just how much they do now.  Settled on a new wind splitter screen, which looks a copy of Klockwerks' one, some extensions for my saddlebags for that tail dragger look, Boom Speakers and some new grips - NICE!

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