Sunday, 3 April 2011

Caesar Racer No.6

I always like to run in my new bikes for 500 or so miles and as such the last posts have all been about No.7 which is going to be my summer ride of choice  - and its real test will be the 1400 or so miles to Croatia.

However Bike No.6 is well run in as I have owned this bike in various incarnations since new in 1999 and its done 25,000 reliable miles.  So here are a few excellent pictures taken by Mike Prior the other week for BSH magazine - I am never quite sure of my view on draping babes over the bikes - but this one does look rather good.


Gary France said...

There is a bike is those pictures?

Seriously though, having seen the Caesar bike in person, it does look very good and will no doubt turn lots of heads with this latest remodelling. I bet you smile a lot when you are riding this bike.

Rob Campbell said...

I know what ya mean about not so sure how you feel about draping the babe on the bike. I've left forums over stuff like that. But she does look good, no denying.

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