Wednesday, 26 January 2011

US Road Trip

I had no plans on doing a US Road trip this year, and then I had a call from a friend (Oren) about a trip to the US to celebrate a friends 50th (Nick) - we had all ridden down to St Tropez together in 2010 and hope to get at least six of us for this trip.  The aim will be to start and finish in Las Vegas and in between take in the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley and Yellowstone Park - so about 2000 miles in 10 days.
So Road Trip wise - its Croatia in May, which is 1800 miles (and shipping bike back), June  - The USA another 2000 miles and then July its Spain which must be around 2500 miles - I am so looking forwards to all this.

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Rick said...

Hey Ian,

I just looked at your map and it looks like an awesome tour. For what it's worth, you are passing so close to Sedona I thought I would mention a little side trip for your consideration. 89A between Flagstaff and Sedona is an amazing stretch of road that goes through Oak Creek Canyon and is stunning. I promise you won't regret it! Sedona is well worth a vist as well. Just thought I'd throw that out.


iansolley said...

Cheers Rick - all comments appreciated. I rode from Sedona to Flagstaff last October 2010 on the 89A and it looked a great road, but it was raining like hell and then Tornados hit when we got near Flagstaff, so I wasn't really kicking back and enjoying the scenery - so maybe this time it will be better!

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