Saturday, 18 December 2010

2011 Road Trips

My good friend Gary France who is recently back from his epic journey across the USA has now planned a meticulous mini trip across Spain to his place in Sotogrande.

So this will be my second trip after Croatia in May and in these cold dark winter months something to really look forwards to.  We are going to take about 4 days to get down there staying in nice Paradores, then everyone else gets 5 days down there and a leisurely 4 day ride back - but I will blast back a day after arriving in a day and a half - still it will be fun!  Because of the speedy ride back I will probably go on my trusty Streetglide.


Oz said...

Gary sure knows how to plan trips.

iansolley said...

excellent that way I don't have to do any thinking - just enjoy the ride!

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