Saturday, 11 December 2010

Bike No.7

I had thought this was going to be Bike No.8, but due to circumstances I have brought it forwards and Bike No.8 will be the BMW R80, which will surface around the end of the summer I expect.

Anyway Bike No. 7 has no name yet - but it used to be the famous Blower Bike built by my friend and collaborator Richard Taylor in 1995. It started as an old 1971 Harley (so no Tax), built with amazing detail and a legendary Harmon engine harnessed to 2 superchargers - it only ever did 600 miles before the owner blew it up.  The engine was replaced with a Rev Tech and the blowers left on but disabled and the crucial gears thrown away, and its been garaged pretty much ever since.

I bought what is left of the bike last summer, with the simple aim of making it a nice rideable period style Harley - the period being Arlen Ness's golden years of the 80's and 90's.  Its going to be a very simple job, with a brand new S&S 96" Shovelhead engine, some new beach bars, a nice 2 into 1 exhaust and a slick black paint job from Image Design Custom.  All I need to do now is decide what the look I want and get on with it.  I want it finished for my first big ride of the year which is the 2nd Harley Davidson HOG Rally in Croatia at the end of May 2011 which will be around 1500 miles each way - so a real test.

Here is what the bike looks like now:

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