Friday, 20 August 2010

We Move Bikes and a Screaming Eagle Engine

I successfully bought a 110" Screaming Eagle engine on Ebay this week from Riders of Bridgewater, and as posting the beast was not on the cards  - I had a nice drive down to Somerset to collect it today.  On the way down I passed the signs for Gloucester which reminded me, as where We Move Bikes are based, who I have used to ship bikes on recent trips to Helsinki and St Tropez.

So by a weird coincidence when I arrived home and read the monthly Harley Owners Group magazine, it was nice to see an article about them and hiding in one of the photos was my Hamlet bike.  They are a top company and provide really good service and I would strongly recommend them for when you just can't face that long ride!

As for that Screaming Eagle engine, well it was planned to go in my bike No. 8 (formerly Blower Bike), but its a touring style engine, so I will have to get a touring transmission to mate to it and a special primary as well - then really modify the frame......maybe not such a bargain. 

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Gary France said...

I can endorse what a good service We Move Bikes provide. Good to see Hamlet in the HOG mag as well!

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