Sunday, 22 August 2010

Seaford Bike Festival Year 2

Last year I went to the Seaford Bike Festival (in East Sussex) and It was a lovely sunny day  - see post so in a sign that my blog is getting on a bit - time to report about events a whole year later.

It was actually very like Groundhog Day, with us meeting at the same time at the same McDonalds in Newhaven and then with a Police escort riding to the same field where there were the same bikes and cars! The big difference however was that it rained so hard you had to find a little bit of shelter - still it was a nice chance to chat to some of the 1066 HOG members and have a BBQ Burger.  To be fair this was a classic English day out with the rain and the empty funfair and the band playing to no audience.  With no sign of a let up and dressed appropriately in Converse, jeans, T Shirt, Leather Jacket Open face helmet and shades - I rode the hour home and got soaked to the skin - still a most enjoyable way to spend Sunday.  Here are some shots:


Gary France said...

Seeing your pictures in the rain, maybe its not so bad being here in Utah at 100F. I like the shiny engine on bike number 6.

iansolley said...

yes the weather here is crap! I am looking forwards to my US trip on October 2nd!
Glad you like #6 its coming on well - engine just looks shiny it 10 years old!

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