Friday, 30 January 2009

Bits and Pieces

Well the FedEx Man and the Postman, have been busy delivering three sets of stuff to me over the last few weeks, and what with the bits removed from two Streetbob's the garage is really filling up.  
So far:
From CPV in Holland - 3 sets of forward controls and 1 set of hand controls (2 more to come in March)
From Chopper Shox in Las Vegas - 3 Ride like a Caddy seat pans and shocks in stainless.
From Crime Scene Choppers in California - 3 Streamline Gas Caps - which I found out about from the excellent Cyril Huze Blog (
From Shaw Harley Davidson - 3 V-Rod Belts.
From CMF Wheel Rims in Devon 3 23' by 3.5" Stainless front rims and 40 spokes - and the same again for the rear but using 23" by 4.25" rims.  I took one set out to Hagon in Essex today to get it laced onto the Harley Hubs cut from the Streetbob.  I am getting another set powder coated black next week and will take them out for lacing after.
Its all coming together nicely.

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