Sunday, 11 January 2009

Getting Started

If I was going to start a custom bike business I needed to have a plan - a brand - a product.

Working backwards, I wanted to create a splash at launch, and being honest, building another bike like Macbeth probably wouldn't achieve that - so I decided to build three bikes all at the same time - but variations on a theme.  As far as I know no other bike builder has done a multiple launch.

I love old school, the simplicity and clean lines of a rigid, but I  like modern styling cues, I also wanted reliability and rideability - and the end bikes to be worth a max of 30,000 Euros.  So I bought three brand new 2009 HD Streetbob's to use as a base - its cheaper than the parts and you get through registration a whole lot easier.

I have given them the following working titles:

No.4 - A Bar Hopper (Red)
No.5 - A Cafe Racer (Black)
No.6 - A Bagger (Blue)

On Thursday 6th January we (me and Richard Taylor, who is giving me lessons in bike building as we go) pulled the first one apart - saved what we are going to use and the rest will go on E-Bay.

Oh yes - the Brand - well Lisa came up with the name 7 Ages - its from Shakespeare of course and in so many words sets out that life is a journey of many parts but one that progresses and changes through the seven ages of man - just like a bike ride!  Over the next few months we will refine this initial thought into a brand, with values and an image.

So 7 Ages Custom Motorcycles it is.

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belle said...

Excellent name, but then I would say that, wouldn't I?!

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