Tuesday, 1 January 2013

New Years Day

Went out for a test ride on ROMEO80 with a good mate Carl Abrams - he was on his Husky 900 which he uses for his voluntary role with SERV which transports Blood out of hours to wherever its needed.  He took this nice shot of our bikes in Ashdown Forest.


prosper said...

Great picture! It's got some kind of 'model scene' air about it. Reposted it at my blog anythingbutstockbeemers, hope that's alright. Otherwise I'll remove it straight away. I'm looking forward to the promised photoshoot of the bike.

iansolley said...

no problems - waiting for some sunshine to gte out and get some good pictures - should be a few weeks

Unknown said...

I had no idea Ash Down forest is this beautiful. I love motorcycle photo shoots and am tempted to go for a few at the wonderful scene. Lovely photo and hope you had fun.
Can't wait to have photos of my friends and I with our Touring Motorcycles. It is a place that we sure will visit.

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