Saturday, 7 January 2012

Romeo's Beemer VIII

2012 - another year  - another bike.  I am only doing this one bike this year, which is my 1982 BMW R80 which has been hanging around in bits for a year now.  The bike is currently at P&D in Horsham where we are sorting the frame and metal work out.  Details are gradually coming together, and its going to be a sporty looking bike although it wont be sporty in the context of modern sports bikes - still if I go fast no one can see me!

  • Donor bike a 1982 refurbished BMW R80 bought on Ebay
  • 23" wheels in BMX snowflake design using Avon rubber, hand built by Taylor Made Wheels
  • Front forks and front brake from a Harley FXD as they were free and in my garage - rear is the existing shaft/drum.
  • New hardtail frame built by Dave Batchelar at P&D
  • Existing tank cut down to reduce bulk.
  • New small front mudguard and an integral cafe racer style rear fender, which a custom seat to connect.
  • The bars shown are for demonstration, but its going to have flatter drag style bars.
  • Exhaust will be 1.5" stainless and a 2 into 1 finishing in a Supertrapp muffler on the left side
  • Paint, lights and other details ....havent got a clue yet


Motorcycle Chains said...

The bike is looking extremely good. The front or back gear of this bike is very powerful. Makers can give the different look in this bike.

iansolley said...

THanks for the comment!

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