Thursday, 17 March 2011

Richard II Bike

Delighted to have finished the Richard II Bike - its come out really well and rides and sounds a treat.

  • 1970 FLH Harley
  • New S&S 93" Shovel Engine
  • Baker 5 Speed
  • Billet Brakes 12 pots on twin discs at front and single disc at rear
  • Paint by Keith Baker - "Swift Like Lightning"


belle said...

this bike stuff's all very well, but what about the Shakespeare quote?? You know that's what I read this for ...! Besides, you have to be nice to be, I'm an invalid ;o)

iansolley said...

If you look closely at the bottom of the front fender (mudguard) - you will see "Swift Like Lightening" in white gold leaf!

Gary France said...

Looks great. I bet it sounds really good.

belle said...

Thanks ... have I mentioned, I'm visually compromised ... :oD

Rob Campbell said...

I came across a comment you made at Cyril Huze and followed you here. Love the blog, love the bike you built! I'm a long time Shovelhead owner, so anything shovelhead is right on with me. What you've done with this really impresses me. Fenders are like nothing I've ever seen before. Would love to feature it in my blog sometime.

As a former English teacher (art now) the Shakespeare shoutout is pretty cool, too.

iansolley said...

Thanks Rob - glad you like it!

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