Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Keep it Local

Ever since I moved to Tunbridge Wells in 1999 I have been a fan of the place - and particularly after giving up my real job in London in 2007, I have been making an effort to get more involved locally.

So it was a real treat today to help out a fabulous local business Love is...Boutique with a photoshoot for their vintage clothes in the town centre.  The shoot was done by a good friend Chris Cassidy who produces a fantastic blog with his wife about all things in Tunbridge Wells  - called Anke: Royal Tunbridge Wells.  Anyway Chris took some amazing high quality fashion shots of the lovely model Livvy and I took the following Hipstamatic of my bike with Livvy decorating it!

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Gary France said...

I see the picture of the green dress and your bike is on the 'Love is' website. Both look very good.

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