Saturday, 17 April 2010

Springtime for Macbeth

At last spring is really here in the UK - warm sunshine, and 19 degrees C.  I decided to get Macbeth out for the first time this year and go for a blast - a nice 100 mile run down through Sussex to Shaw Harley Davidson, then back through the Garden of England home.  Bike has now done 5000 miles and is really running sweetly.


Gary France said...

There used to be a fella who lived in Stratford (not the east end one), who must have been thinking of you and your bike, when he wrote.... "Confusion now hath made his masterpiece!"

Now you have ridden your beast, you need to clean it..... "Leave no rubs nor botches in the work."

iansolley said...

Its Mrs S who is the Shakespeare fan - my bikes are in her honour - so I don't have to read the plays!

Blue said...

I am very fond of that motorcycle.

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