Thursday, 14 May 2009

Road Trip

Just got back from a great road trip to the 2009 Harley Davidson Euro Rally in St Tropez.  I went down with my friend Steve Butler, who I met on the Route 66 ride last year, and just south of Rheims we hooked up with David Van Kempen, who was also from the Route 66 Tour.
It took two days to get there with an overnight stop in Beaune - i went on the Macbeth Bobber, all laden up, and with its max 60 mile range visited most service stations on the Motorway down.

There must have been about 15,000 bikes down there and the weather was great.  On Saturday we had a ride out with Chelsea and Fulham HOG, in the hills behind St Tropez.  Unfortunately Steve had a crash and broke his hand, which resulted in us shipping the bikes back to the UK.

Nonetheless a top trip and for the detailed blog go to 36FuelStops

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