Sunday, 10 May 2009


Despite my best intentions to get there and back it was not to be, and it was with some regret that we got the taxi along the cast this morning in what looked like glorious riding conditions - still its great to be home.

You can only get to grips with a bike when you really put some miles on it and we actually covered about a 1000 in all, and for a hand built bike with no modern suspension that was some going.  The most surprising thing was how comfortable the bike was, the hard saddle and springs took all the strain from the hardtail drive - the bag tied to the front leaf spring gave it some stability as well.  I only had one small problem which was the barrel that holds the ignition key came loose and I couldn't switch the bike on and off, but despite this i made it down, and on site I met a great guy Paul Lusty who had all the tools (a 9/64ths Allen key) and the time to help me sort it out.

Paul was again able to help me out on the Saturday as he has a business shipping Harley stuff around and had three huge articulated lorries (all HD branded) and was able to ship our bikes back with any hesitation at all.  So with rain predicted for Sunday and Monday (and no front mudguard) it was an easy choice to join Steve on the plane.

Anyway this is the last post  - i hope you enjoyed it, and get ready for the next one which is our tour to Virginia and Tennessee in June - can't wait. 

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