Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Loud Pipes

I finished the Macbeth Bobber (no.3 ) - back in 2008 and as one of my earliest bikes I really concentrated on the looks and styling. I was particularly pleased with the long 1.75" black exhausts, with the crown tips.
 However, it soon became apparent these were exceptionally loud with a really harsh note, also I kept scratching stuff with the long crown tips.  So I cut a foot off each and added a baffle and a nice Biltwell tip.

Even after this the bike was still way too loud for casual riding around town  - offensive to put it mildly, so I have at last got around to sorting it out and had a great new 2-1 set of stainless 2.0" pipes made by P&D and added a short Supertrapp muffler.  The result - it sounds perfect, looks great and goes even better.

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