Sunday, 25 September 2011

Riding the Opale Coast

Was delighted to have a great ride yesterday with 1066 HOG out to the Opal Shore Chapter Rally in NeufChatel yesterday - which is south of Boulogne in Northern France.  Despite growing up on the Kent Coast (about 25 miles away) this is an area I have never explored.  The weather was glorious and the coast road from Calais to Boulogne is a twisty up and down delight, with all those derelict German gun emplacements as well to check out.

The rally was well organised and in true European fashion the whole town was shut off for bike and there was a healthy turnout from all over Northern France, Belgium and the UK.  We finished off with a ride to Le Touquet for an ice cream and then back home, stopping off at the old V1 site at Cap Gris Nez where we could see the white cliffs of Dover - a great day out and one I will do again.

look closely for the White cliffs
me on Caesar VI

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