Saturday, 25 June 2011

Day Trip to France and Belgium

Went on a great day trip to France and Belgium yesterday organised by Meridian HOG - in the end we had around 50 bikes and although not a long trip about 140 miles (overseas) was nicely done.  I went with three friends Paul, Simon and Gary (who I rode to Croatia with) and the trip involved a stop at Beruges for coffee and for me to by loads of cheese, salami and cake.  Followed by lunch in the very nice town of Veurne in Belgium, before we arrived at our final destination Bikersloft a combined bar/restaurant/hotel for bikers.  Its converted from an old industrial unit and they have created a cool basic environment with cell like bedrooms, communal washing and indoor bike parking  - its better than that sounds and I am sure with 10 litres of Leffe it will be like the Ritz.

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Gary France said...

Thanks for letting me know about the ride. A good day. I got wet again near the Dartford Tunnel on the way back!

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