Thursday, 3 September 2009


Well I have arrived at Helsinki Harley Davidson to find that my bike
has not arrived and no one knows where it is!
So I am stuck in the dealer waiting - looks like I might have to get a
taxi to my hotel and come back tomorrow. Well it appears that my bike is still in Stockholm - despite the fact it was supposed to be here yesterday. The ferry gets in at 10:00 it then has to be unloaded and delivered to the HD Dealer - they say 11:00 but my guess is nearer 13:00 - the shipper has promised recompense (Ihope he understands what that means).
So anyway after my 50 Euro Easyjet flight to Helsinki, followed by a 45 Euro Taxi ride to the dealer, I have now spent a further 2 Euro's on a Metro ride to the city centre where i have checked into the very agreeable Hotel Glo (rated #1 by Tripadvisor) - i have done a bit of shopping to gte stuff that is stranded on my bike like an iphone charger -and i am now ready to have a few drinks - but there is a model shoot in he bar, which needs to quieten down first.
Still tomorrow is a new day, i am meeting Helena and Kristian at the HD dealer and hopefully we can set off for their lake house about 12:00 or whenever the bike gets here.
its 2 hours ahead here so its now 5:30 ....over and out.


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